Suddenly Snow


For a sensory delight, mix water and Suddenly Snow to make mounds of fluffy faux snow. Pop some in the freezer and make snowballs.

Product Description

Delight your senses with Suddenly Snow faux snow. Ideal for sensory play. Fill a bin with faux snow.
Feel the snow. Use cookie cutters and molds to make shapes. Pop in the freezer to make snowballs. Build a snowman. Create a winter wonderland with miniature tress dusted in snow. And woodland animals. Press their feet on top of the snow to make tracks. Then let your imagination be your guide. Have fun in faux snow year round.

Super water-absorbing properties enable this synthetic polymer to expand 100 times its original size. Evaporation produces the constant cooling effect that makes the faux snow feel cold. Gradually evaporation also causes the snow to dehydrate. Simply spraying the top with water and fluffing the snow will restore its fresh appearance. When finished playing, let the snow dry out completely. Then store for reuse later. The dry powder lasts forever. One tube of Suddenly Snow makes six cups of faux snow.

Recommended Age Group:
Early School Age

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Manufacturer Suggested Age:
6 years +


WARNING: Not to be used by children except under adult supervision.

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