Superpegs Mini


Thirty-two, large, easy to place pegs in four shapes and four colors and a clear peg board invite open-ended, creative play as well as shape and color matching challenges.

Product Description

Looking for toys for children with different abilities? Want to encourage inclusive play? Then Superpegs Mini is for you. Designed to accommodate different skill levels, this peg board grows with a child. That’s because each of four pattern cards fit securely in a slot at the bottom of the board. This allows a child to place a peg  directly over what’s on the card. This one-to-one matching is the beginning step. But it’s not the only way to play. For more advanced pattern matching, position the pattern card beside the peg board. That’s a game changer.  More than  matching is required.   Beyond the four cards that come with the board,  consider creating additional pattern cards based on the shapes and colors of the pegs in the set. That keeps the experience fresh.

Playing this game develops eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. Beyond that children learn to identify shapes and colors. Consequently their language skills improve. Furthermore recreating patterns develops spatial awareness. Board measures 8 1/4″L x 11 7/8″W. Made in Spain, Superpegs Mini has won recognition from AblePlay for its benefits for children with disabilities.

Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
2 - 5 years


No additional warnings.

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