Tangle Jr Textured Metallic


Bright, shiny, and totally textured, Tangle Jr Textured Metallic enhances tactile and visual discrimination with six different textures and colors.

Product Description

Six bright colors and distinctive textures puts Tangle Jr Textured Metallic in a class all its own. Pick one up and move it around. Intrigued? While playing, you’ll focus more intently. As well as become more spatially aware. And you’ll increase your problem solving skills. Easy-to-pick-up. Hard-to-put-down. Vivid colors and unique textures provide visual and tactile stimulation. Tangle Jr Textured Metallic makes an ideal quiet fidget toy and stress reliever.

Assorted colors.  If you prefer specific colors, use the comment box at check-out to let us know.

A word about Tangles from teachers…
Teachers who use Tangles as a reward for children with autism report improved behavior. Students not only appear calmer, they also cope better with stressors. As a result, the triggers that usually send them “over the edge” no longer do. Furthermore teachers report their students learn better.

Play is essential. Tangles invite play. Moreover play translates into better self regulation and learning.

Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
3 years +


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under three-years-old.

Playopolis Tips:
Teachers who use Tangles as a reward for children with autism report improved behavior: increased calm and the ability to cope with stressors that usually send them "over the edge" as well as an increase in skill acquisition. Tangles invite manipulation and reward play with improved concentration, spatial relations, and problem solving skills. Try a variety of Tangles for their different sizes, colors, and textures.