Tegu Magnetic Tram


Wooden trains are classic early childhood toys. Tegu Magnetic Tram brings a contemporary twist to an old favorite.

Product Description

Tegu Magnetic Tram introduces young children to both magnetism and train play. But that’s only the beginning. Interchangeable pieces encourage creative thinking. While magnets make building easier. You may be wondering what’s up with the dots. These are  magnetic connection points. They’re how children learn the law of magnetism: opposites attract. In this case, that means white sticks to green;  green sticks to white. Now the fun begins. Connect parts one atop another. Or one car after the other.

With no tracks to lay or keep cars on, young children enjoy the freedom to travel in any direction. And change course or speed without the frustration of derailing. Such independent play is a boon to parents too.

Tegu Magnetic Tram consists of three interchangeable cars. Each one has three parts plus a driver. The base doubles as a flat car with three white dots. Line up the three figures and take off on a wagon ride. Or add pieces. How many can you stack on one base? Connect two cars, then build a bridge between the two.  What else can you think to do? The possibilities are endless.

Opportunities for imaginative play abound. Through such play, children expand their vocabulary and storytelling skills. When others, whether children or adults, join in the play, a solitary pursuit becomes social. Learning to play cooperatively takes practice. Sharing ideas, listening, compromising, problem solving  all come into play.

Constructed of responsibly harvested hardwoods. Non-toxic water-based finishes. And imbedded magnetic connectors. Tram is compatible with all Tegu building sets.

Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
12 months +


No additional warnings.

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