Tiny Tin Top


Spinning a top is pure fun, relieves stress, and keeps boredom away. Whether at work, at home, or on-the-go, keep a Tiny Tin Top handy. Adults and kids alike benefit of spontaneous play. You’ll be amazed as you watch a Tiny Tin Top change color as it spins. There’s a science lesson in that.


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Product Description

Spinning a top requires well developed pincer grasp and dexterity. Not only does Tiny Tin Top invite spinning. It also encourages persistence in mastering the quick twist and release motion that sets a top spinning. Intricate geometric patterns change color as the top spins. All the more reason to collect different ones. Ideal party favors, spinning tops provide immediate play. And who doesn’t benefit from that? Everyone needs distraction from time to time. Play relieves stress and improves concentration. Tiny Tin Top measures 2 1/4″ diameter. Assorted designs.

Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
4 years +


No additional warnings.

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