Tobbles Neo


Little hands can’t get enough of the stacking, toppling, spinning, balancing, wobbling, tilting, and wiggling fun of Tobbles Neo.

Product Description

Infants and toddlers are curious. Eager to learn. They like exploring their surroundings. Naturally that means anything  within reach. Of course we all want to keep our children safe.  That’s what makes providing appealing, age appropriate toys for these explorers essential. Nesting and stacking are universal early childhood activities. Consequently toys that encourage these activities make sense. Tobbles Neo is one. But what makes it a must have?  Modern design. Quality construction. That and so much more.  Consider how it invites creative play that builds skills.

Toys are tools for learning. Because young children learn through their senses, the best tools appeal to their senses. At first glance, bright, cheerful dual colors catch the eye. Then a unique texture awakens touch. And makes gripping easier. Gentle, playful curves enliven tactile experiences. Beyond that six uniquely weighted pieces invite investigation. Turns out they balance. Nest neatly. And incessantly spin beyond all expectation. They also tilt and topple, wiggle and wobble. Gorgeous and gratifying to hold, Tobbles Neo invites timeless play and sensory exploration. In the process infants and toddlers develop cognitive, language, and fine motor skills including eye-hand coordination. Visual spatial acuity improves as well.

Six vibrant, weighted spheres and stacking base. BPA-free, ABS plastic. To clean, wipe with damp cloth  or sanitizing wipe. Do not submerge in water. Not dishwasher safe.

Dimpl Stack features bubbles to POP atop each and every nesting and stacking cup. Why? Because few can resist the urge to POP, POP, POP.  Not only that but Infants and toddlers benefit from practicing their skills in similar but different ways


Recommended Age Group:
Infant/First Toys

Fat Brain Toys

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
6 months +


No additional warnings.

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