Tolo Multi-Cultural Play Figures-Asian Girl

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Articulated, Multi-Cultural Play Figures expand imaginative play opportunities with lightweight, wipe clean props for creating whatever scenes come to mind.

Product Description

Tolo Multi-Cultural Play Figures-Asian Girl  is one of eight different small dolls for children between one and five years old. Arms, legs, and head both move and make a clicking sound. In addition, they can stand, sit, and lie down. Decorative button on shirt squeaks when pressed. Lightweight and easy for small hands to grasp and hold.  Toddlers improve their fine motor skills as they change the positions of the figures.  Pretend play with figures from different ethnic groups not only builds cultural awareness but also fosters inclusion. Children increase their language skills as they engage in imaginative play with other children. Such play not only inspires storytelling but also encourages emotional expression. Safe for teething. Wipe clean. Measures 4 1/4″H.

Tolo Multi-Cultural Play Figures available for four ethnic groups: African-American, Anglo, Asian, and Latin. All include both boy and girl figures. Posable Tolo play pets with clicking, moving legs add even more creative play possibilities. All are available separately.

Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
1 to 5 years


No additional warnings.

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