Tolo Roly Poly Chiming Clown


Infants like bright, bold colors. Simple, well-defined shapes. Friendly, smiling faces. That’s why Roly Poly Chiming Clown appeals to infants. With a gentle nudge, he wobbles. Fascinated, baby begins exploring possibilities, observing what happens as a result of what she does. While playing, she’s learning cause and effect.

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Product Description

Infants and toddlers find Tolo Roly Poly Chiming Clown irresistible. Not only does this roly poly toy rock and roll, but his head spins and his arms swing. As if that’s not enough, he chimes as he sways. Children find the movements fascinating. They naturally reach out. Then experiment with touch. Initially perhaps brushing a hand  against the clown, followed by a gentle nudge. Then a push. Or shove, Or a give-it-all-I’ve-got whack. This wobble toy for babies invites social interaction and teaches cause and effect. Develops eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Recommended Age Group:
Infant/First Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
6 months +


No additional warnings.

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