Tornado Ball


Like its namesake, Tornado Ball spins unpredictably, taking a wild and frenzied ride across the floor.

Product Description

Consider yourself warned. This Tornado spinning ball toy goes berserk! You have to experience this 4″ diameter spinning orb for yourself to appreciate its transformative effect. Moreover you’ll be amazed by how watching a ball go berserk lifts your spirit. Everyone benefits from moments of delight.

Here’s what you need to do. Begin by holding the light up ball firmly with both hands. Pay attention to what you’re doing as you press the on button. Feel the energy of the spinning ball as you watch it spin wildly in your hands. Then gently place it on the floor. Watch in amazement as it rips its way around the room, jumping and turning unpredictably. An internal weighted mechanism creates the erratic movement. Bright even in well-lighted areas, the lights become a spectacular light show in the dark.

Bright lights and constant motion not only provide visual stimulation but also encourage visual tracking. Tornado Ball is, therefore, a valuable tool for teachers of the visually impaired.

Designed for ages 8 years+, Tornado Ball is easily damaged when dropped. It is, therefore, an ideal toy for an adult and child to explore together. To avoid being so startled by the feeling of the ball spinning in your hands that you drop it, we suggest placing the ball on the floor, then pressing the on button. 

Comes with a 4-pack of AA batteries. Step-by-step instructions also included.

Recommended Age Group:
Early School Age

Play Visions

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
8 years +


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under three-years-old.

Playopolis Tips:
This ball is not meant to be thrown or tossed. Dropping the ball almost always causes its internal connections to break.