Tube Shaker


Give Tube Shaker a shake. Watch and listen as bright, colorful beads cascade from one end to the other.

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Product Description

Grab a Tube Shaker. Now shake, shake, shake. Listen to the beads rattling. In the mood to experiment? First shake as fast as you can.  Then as slowly. Can you hear a difference? Now you not only know how to make loud sounds. You also have learned how to make soft ones. But sound is only one result of all that shaking.  Look at how the beads move around inside the shaker. Because the tube is clear, you can see what’s going on inside. As you watch the beads move and make sound, your brain is making a connection. You’re learning that how you shake the tube not only makes the sounds you hear. But also the movement of the beads you see. You’re learning  cause and effect. Furthermore, you’re building cognitive and motor skills.  Tube Shaker measures 2 1/4″ diameter x 3 1/2″H.

Recommended Age Group:
Infant/First Toys


Manufacturer Suggested Age:
6 months +


No additional warnings.

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