Twirly Whirly Rainmaker


The sound of rain falling has a calming effect. Twirly Whirly Rainmaker relieves stress with its auditory and visual effects.

Product Description

Turn this 12″H clear rain stick toy upside down and watch as bright plastic beads cascade from one level to the next, twirling and whirling two-tone rotors and propellers. Twirly Whirly Rainmaker provides distraction, relieves stress, and develops auditory discrimination, visual tracking, wrist rotation, and fine motor skills. Order this rain sound maker toy today!

Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys

Hohner Kids

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
24 months +


No additional warnings.

Playopolis Tips:
Soothing sounds and engaging visual displays make Twirly Whirly Rainmaker invaluable as a distraction toy.