Whirly Squigz


Stick Whirly Squigz to any smooth, non-porous flat surface. Give them a spin and watch as they go fast, fast.

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Product Description

Everyone who knows babies agrees. Infants and toddlers are sensory beings. They explore with all their senses. Visually appealing, bright colors attract their attention.  And invite investigation that usually begins with a “taste  test.” Doesn’t seem to matter if the toy is hard or soft, smooth or textured. Admittedly, however, ones designed for chewing on quickly become “keepers.” Whirly Squigz fit that description. BPA-free, the high-quality, food-grade silicone soothes sore gums. And so much more.

This  trio of colorful spinners encourages sensory exploration, fine motor development, and  learning cause and effect. Each features a suction cup on one side and a swirl-textured dome on the other. Yet the three are distinctly different. One has two petals. Another  three, and the other four. That’s significant. Toddlers are beginning to notice similarities and differences. Adults (or older children) can point out this difference, providing words to describe how all are spinners but each is different. Such conversations support cognitive and language development.

Whirly Squigz attach to any smooth, non-porous flat surface. Besides tabletop, think walls and windows. High quality plastic bearings will not rust or degrade. So they’re perfect for the tub.

Whirly Squigz spin easily and fast. They’re a perfect way for toddlers to observe that something they do causes something to happen. Then they’ll replicate their experiment  over and over again to confirm the results. Eventually they vary what they do to see what happens then. All that spinning is developing fine motor skills, including eye-hand coordination and hand strength. At the same time, watching the spinning petals improves visual tracking skills. Give one, two or three a spin. Be mesmerized.





Recommended Age Group:
Infant/First Toys

Fat Brain

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
10 months +


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