Whirly Squigz


Mastering the art of spinning a top is a magical moment. Who doesn’t delight in watching and wondering how long the spinning will last? And if we’re lucky enough to set multiple tops spinning, we get the added  fun of guessing which one will spin the longest. Whirly Squigz introduces toddlers to the mesmerizing experience of making spinners spin.

Product Description

Whirly Squigz are truly multi-sensory toys. Made of high quality 100% food-grade silicone, these spinners invite mouthing. But they are so much more than a teething toy. The set of three includes one with two propellers, one with three, and one with four. For more variety, each one is a unique pairing of magenta, cyan, and lime. All feature a dome on one side.  A suction cup on the other. A raised swirl on the dome adds a tactile interest. Meanwhile the suction cup sticks to any flat, smooth, non-porous surface. Go beyond tabletop. Think windows. And bathtub walls. High quality plastic bearings won’t rust or degrade, making these spinners tub friendly. And the best part, they spin fast and smoothly. BP-free.

Recommended Age Group:
Toddler/Next Toys

Fat Brain Toys

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
1 year +


No additional warnings.

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