Worry Eater Saggo-Large


Don’t let your troubles get you down. Let Worry Eaters carry your worries so you don’t have to. Worry Eater Saggo-Large measures 16 1/2″H. Saggo-Small, available separately, measures 9 3/4″H.

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Product Description

Everyone, adults and children alike, has fears and worries. The challenge is finding ways to keep those emotions from consuming us.Worry Eaters is one way. Write or draw a picture of what’s bothering you. Then “feed” your fears to your Worry Eater, zip up its mouth, and let it hold your worries for you. These charming plush characters are tough enough to carry our worries and soft enough to snuggle. Learning safe ways to express feelings develops healthy coping skills.

Worry Eaters Saggo is also available in a smaller size.

Recommended Age Group:
Preschool/Later Toys

Haywire Group

Manufacturer Suggested Age:
3 years +


No additional warnings.

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