Reviews & Testimonials

My First Choice

PlayopolisToys is my first choice for toys for my preschools and for my grandchildren. I look for unique, high quality toys and especially appreciate Christina Wallerstein’s personal attention to each purchase and her Early Childhood background and expertise.

PlayopolisToys has been our primary source for toys and play equipment for our preschools for years. We can choose from a wide selection of many unique, beautiful toys, games, puzzles, and other play essentials. A delightful way to find special toys for children.

I am often asked by people who see the toys from PlayopolisToys that I give my grandchildren “Where did you get that wonderful toy?”… and the children always love them!

We can choose from a wide selection of beautiful toys that are often unique and always very special.

Judy Crawford
Glendale Adventist Medical Center (Retired Director)

An Appreciated Resource

I want to tell you how much Creative Home Programs has appreciated PlayopolisToys as a resource. You have done an excellent job in selecting toys that are durable, colorful, interesting and adaptable to teaching skills to the infants and toddlers at Creative Home Programs who may have physical, sensory or cognitive limitations.

Carolyn J. Urban
Creative Home Programs for Children (Former Director)

Individual Service Saves Hours

I appreciate the individual service you provide. You also understand the needs of our children and staff. Your research and recommendations are always tailor made for our needs.

As a program director, I appreciate the multitude of hours you save me while providing the highest quality, most durable products.

Susan S. Simmons
The Blind Children's Center (Former DIrector)

Delighted To Recommend PlayopolisToys

I am delighted to recommend PlayopolisToys to educators who are looking for high quality toys that recognize and celebrate children with special needs. After learning about PlayopolisToys, I was so happy to have a place to send teachers and directors for materials that would truly facilitate the development of children with special needs.

Also, PlayopolisToys helps us as we strive to have toys and equipment made from a wide variety of materials. PlayopolisToys provides a broader and richer variety of toys that will be of high play value to all children.

Nancy L. Brooks
Bright Horizons (District Manager)

Infants With Special Needs

I wanted to write and tell you how much PlayopolisToys helps our Center to provide especially appropriate materials for our infants with special needs. One of the things that we value about working with you is your ability to understand the uniqueness of this group of children and to closely match their needs with the toys you identify for us. It is your knowledge of development of infants that enriches those exchanges.

Jean Brunelli, PHN, M.A.

Understands The Special Needs of The Visually Impaired

The Braille Institute Child Development Program is greatly appreciative of the services available from Christina Wallerstein at PlayopolisToys. She has assisted us in selecting toys for our early intervention program that enhance developmental gains. Ms. Wallerstein understands the special needs of children with visual impairments and consistently offers appropriate suggestions for toys and materials.

The products are well made and withstand the heavy use incurred in our program. We continue to look forward to her future suggestions, knowing that we will be kept abreast of the best products on the market.

Vicki Liske
Braille Institute (Assistant VP Programs & Services)

Wide Variety of Safe And Colorful Toys

My staff is always so thrilled when PlayopolisToys is at a meeting and they are able to find new toys to suit the unique needs of the special population we serve. Your wide variety of safe and colorful items gives a new meaning to learning while playing!

Kathy Goodspeed
Blind Children's Learning Center (Executive Director, Retired)

Opportunities for Endless Creativity

As a child life specialist, I had the opportunity to purchase thousands of toys over the years. Without a doubt, PlayopolisToys provided me with opportunities for endless creativity, durability, and excellent value for the dollar.

Mary Donnelly-Crocker
Young & Healthy (Executive Director)