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Multiple Benefits of Light Up Toys for Children

Meteor Storm mesmerizing spinning light show
Lifting Spirits

With darkness falling earlier and earlier, we need a dazzling light show to lighten our spirits. Meteor Storm does that and more. Spinning, bright colored lights in ever changing patterns attract our attention. Captivated, we watch the show and feel our tension slip away. We’re lighter in spirit, more joyful. Other light up toys that also enthrall are  Mini Meteor Storm and Light Show Stick. Below are some benefits of light up toys for children.

Behavioral Distraction

Because light up toys are spellbinding, a child in the midst of a full blown meltdown may turn his attention to an amazing light show and stop acting out. In this case, the light up toy helps restore calm and supports self regulation. Meltdowns can often be prevented by providing a light up toy to a child struggling with self-control. “An ounce of prevention,” as the saying goes, “is worth a pound of cure.”

Therapeutic Distraction

In another setting, spinning light up toys make ideal distractions. Consider Meteor Storm. In a therapeutic setting, it draws a child’s focus away from a frightening situation. Child life specialists use light up toys to distract children undergoing simple medical procedures, such as a blood draw or inserting an intravenous drip line. Instead of the child freaking out, she becomes mesmerized by concentric circles of changing lights spinning inside a globe. Before the fascination wears off, the procedure is finished, and the child is too spellbound to notice. Such therapeutic distraction reduces patient and parent distress, improves patients’ coping skills and ability to cooperate, and makes the procedure go more smoothly. As a result a potentially traumatic experience becomes a positive one.

Visual Tracking Assessment

Vision specialists use Meteor Storm to assess visual tracking in children who are blind and visually impaired. Those with low vision delight in holding one close to their faces, watching the bright colored lights spin while listening to the hum and feeling the mild vibration the spinning creates. Teachers frequently motivate students by setting aside time to play with a Meteor Storm once a task is finished.

Fine Motor Development

These light up toys develop fine motor skills. In addition to grasping and holding the toys, children must press and hold the switch that starts the light show. This means the child must pay attention to what he’s doing or the lights literally go out.

Gross Motor Development

Lazer Fingers, lights with elastic bands for wearing on the fingers brighten up ceiling and walls as fingers dance and arms circle and swing. Getting a move on—dancing and prancing—takes the Lazer Fingers experience to new heights. To take it to the max, add music for a multi-sensory experience.

Added Safety On Halloween

Visibility is vital to safety as children go trick or treating. These light up toys make children easier for motorists to see in the dark. And add unexpected dazzle to the door-to-door trek.

 PlayopolisToys – for the diverse needs of the citizens of play

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The Value of Impulse Toys

What is an impulse toy? Our answer is those irresistible little toys that seem to call our name, saying “play with me.” More affordable than their bigger, more complex counterparts, these smaller, tactile fidget toys delight children while enhancing their development. Impulse toys make ideal party favors, gift toppers, stocking stuffers and small holiday gifts.

PlayopolisToys offers impulse toys that provide developmental benefits including re-enforcing cause and effect, enhancing fine motor development, and encouraging creative thinking.  Since all are kid-powered, all invite play and reward engagement.

Consider Slinky Pop Toobs. Often a simple manipulative toy sparks amazingly inventive play. Creative thinking blossoms when kids play with Pop Toobs. Blow into a Pop Toob, and it’s a horn. Link end to end, and the flexible tubes become a fire hose. I’ve seen preschoolers hold one end to an outdoor faucet and watch as the water ran through their extended Pop Toobs hose.

Pop Toobs strengthen muscles involved in two-handed activities and provide auditory, visual, and tactile feedback. Simple accordion tubes pull apart–up to 29″L–and scrunch back to 8 1/2″L, bend, snap together, and pull apart. Bend one into a circle, snap the ends together and wear as a crown or a bracelet. Or toss and see how far it flies. Connect one to another and then another. How many can you connect? How long is the chain when all the toobs are pressed together? When they’re pulled out as far as each will go? Play and learn with tactile fidget toys.


 PlayopolisToys – for the diverse needs of the citizens of play