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Play Is Essential

PlayopolisToys is an inclusive place where all citizens of play, children and children at heart, including those with special needs, find engaging toys that delight the senses, invite exploration and discovery, and build skills. We’ve created a Pinterest board, Play is Essential, brimming with quotes, research, even two videos that support this belief.

When speaking of play, we’re referring to open-ended experiences emerging naturally from a child’s interest. It’s self directed, non-scripted, and creative. When children become engaged in play and are allowed time and space to “take it to the limit,” they grow their minds and their bodies, becoming creative and imaginative problem solvers. They develop cognitive, language, emotional, and social competencies as well as fine and gross motor skills. And they enjoy the process. They’re excited about what they’ve learned and eager to learn more.

Children delight in play and learn through play. They learn because they play. Childhood is a time of exploration and discovery, figuring out how the world works, and acquiring skills. The best play occurs when children have opportunity to assess possibilities and decide what to do. Freedom to choose allows children to pursue personal interests. Excited by possibilities, they delve deeper, become more involved, and gain insight and knowledge.

Provide opportunities. Observe. You’ll be amazed.

quote from Plato

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