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Multiple Benefits of Light Up Toys for Children

Hand-held spinning light show globe
Lifting Spirits

With darkness falling earlier and earlier, we need a dazzling light show to lighten our spirits. Meteor Storm does that and more. Spinning, bright colored lights in ever changing patterns attract our attention. Captivated, we watch the show and feel our tension slip away. We’re lighter in spirit, more joyful. Other light up toys that also enthrall are  Mini Meteor Storm and Light Show Stick.

Behavioral Distraction

Because light up toys are spellbinding, a child in the midst of a full blown meltdown may turn his attention to an amazing light show and stop acting out. In this case, the light up toy helps restore calm and supports self regulation. Meltdowns can often be prevented by providing a light up toy to a child struggling with self-control. “An ounce of prevention,” as the saying goes, “is worth a pound of cure.”

Therapeutic Distraction

In another setting, they make ideal distraction toys. Consider Meteor Storm. In a therapeutic setting, it draws a child’s focus away from a frightening situation. Child life specialists use light up toys to distract children undergoing simple medical procedures, such as a blood draw or inserting an intravenous drip line. Instead of the child freaking out, she becomes mesmerized by concentric circles of changing lights spinning inside a globe. Before the fascination wears off, the procedure is finished, and the child is too spellbound to notice. Such therapeutic distraction reduces patient and parent distress, improves patients’ coping skills and ability to cooperate, and makes the procedure go more smoothly. As a result a potentially traumatic experience becomes a positive one.

Visual Tracking Assessment

Vision specialists use Meteor Storm to assess visual tracking in children who are blind and visually impaired. Those with low vision delight in holding one close to their faces, watching the bright colored lights spin while listening to the hum and feeling the mild vibration the spinning creates. Teachers frequently motivate students by setting aside time to play with a Meteor Storm once a task is finished.

Fine Motor Development

These light up toys develop fine motor skills. In addition to grasping and holding the toys, children must press and hold the switch that starts the light show. This means the child must pay attention to what he’s doing or the lights literally go out.

Gross Motor Development

Lazer Fingers, lights with elastic bands for wearing on the fingers brighten up ceiling and walls as fingers dance and arms circle and swing. Getting a move on—dancing and prancing—takes the Lazer Fingers experience to new heights. To take it to the max, add music for a multi-sensory experience.

Added Safety On Halloween

Visibility is vital to safety as children go trick or treating. These light up toys make children easier for motorists to see in the dark. And add unexpected dazzle to the door-to-door trek.

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Lights, Music, and Movement, Everyone!

All light up toys are feasts for our eyes. Some hum or whir, causing our ears to perk up too. Think Meteor Storm. Others encourage active play. Finger Lightz come to mind as a light up that gets fingers wiggling, arms waving, and feet dancing. Combining lights, sound, and movement creates multi-sensory play experiences. Consider Magic Moves or for gym rats, Jammin’ Gym. Both appeal to all abilities and all ages. Such inclusion teaches all of us that we are each unique and we all contribute to the wholeness of each other.


Magic Moves is all about…MOVING! Stomping like an elephant! Soaring like an eagle! Start with twinkling light shows and 26 musical styles. Add 90 fun commands to get everyone up and moving, exercising bodies, creativity, and listening skills. Magic Moves promotes creative movement, gross motor development, listening skills, and language development. Translating a command into a movement leaves room for individuality and creativity. Everyone has his or her own unique style. Having fun while being physically active is the goal.

Following the commands enriches language as together everyone learns the words that describe how different animals move. Consider the distinctive movements involved in the command to creep, hop, or leap, to prowl, sway, strut, to stomp, slither, or soar. Not only are children learning all these active words and what they mean, they’re also making associations between the animals and the way each moves. That opens minds to further inquiry and learning.


Jammin’ Gym, an electronic free weight, combines twinkling light shows, jamming music, and 65 whole body exercises targeting head and shoulders, arms and legs. Jammin’ Gym develops balance, coordination, and gross motor skills while reinforcing the ability to listen and follow instructions. Such sensory motor integration enhances brain development and supports learning. Once learned in this fun, playful way, the exercises can be done from memory, any time, any where. These early fun experiences with physical fitness routines help establish positive attitudes towards exercise and provide a way to relieve stress, both vital to healthy living.

PlayopolisToys – for the diverse needs of the citizens of play

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Top 10 Light Up Toys

Light up toys are our best sellers. Some are simple; others more elaborate. All immediately grab our attention and draw us into a visual fantasy. We’re mesmerized by what we’re seeing and excited with anticipation about what’s to come. Light up toys also enhance our skills, from cause and effect to fine motor and visual tracking. Consistently appealing, these toys delight both the young and the young at heart and are popular for distraction and stress relief.

Starting at number 10, here’s our take on what makes each of these light up toys a winner. Our sales determined the order.

Tenth place goes to Going Swing which changes color with a squeeze of the hand. Move through seven constant colors: blue, green, red, purple, cyan, yellow, and white to slow, then fast pulsing color bursts. Shock resistant polycarbonate core features a removable, ribbed, thermoplastic cover that provides slip resistant tactile stimulation. Going Swing comes with a detachable lanyard for wearing and swinging. Imagine calling your posse together and creating dazzling light shows by dancing, prancing, and waving Going Swings. Use your smart phone to capture the spontaneous celebration of light and movement.


In ninth place is Light Show Stick. Create moving, spinning light shows with the press of a button. Super bright, light-emitting diodes combine to create 32 different light patterns. Press and hold on/off switch keeps kiddo engaged. Flexible tubing “blades” stop spinning on contact. Hums gently while spinning, providing auditory input. Dazzling in daylight, hypnotic at night. Measures 12″ tall.


Number eight, Light Up Whirly Wheel, demonstrates how something old can become new again with the addition of lights. Experience centrifugal forces first hand. Tip Whirly Wheel up and down by its handle to make the wheel spin. Spinning creates the rainbow light effect; the faster the wheel spins, the brighter the light display. High quality magnets keep the wheel spinning smoothly along metal rails. Drop the wheel onto the floor, and watch the top spin like crazy! Develops visual tracking, fine motor skills, and wrist rotation. Measures 12″ long.


Seventh place lives up to its name, Fantastic Two-Headed Light Show. One touch activates this hand-held, 360 degree, double headed light display with 32 magical lighting effects. Chrome finish. Press and hold on/off switch keeps child engaged wile ever changing light displays provide visual stimulation.


Sixth place belongs to Going Magic Light Ball. This 2 3/4-inch diameter ball changes color with a squeeze of the hand. Squeeze  through seven colors – blue, green, red, purple, cyan, yellow, and white plus three light modes – constant color, slow, and fast pulsing. Know how to juggle? Going Magic Light Ball is ideal for creating dazzling, mesmerizing light shows. The shock resistant polycarbonate core is clad in a removable, ribbed, thermoplastic cover that provides slip resistant tactile stimulation.


Fifth place goes to Light Up Molecule Ball, a stress ball that lights up your life. Smooth, soft, and squishable, this thermoplastic, elastomer ball is filled with 3/4″ translucent spheres in assorted bright pastels and one LED ball that lights up when squeezed. Pick one up and play. Feel your stress melt away while your fingers and hand get a workout. Larger spheres give Light Up Molecule Ball a firmer feel than the  similar Light Up DNA Ball. Measures 2 3/4″ diameter.


In fourth place is the sensory and simply delightful Flashing Spiky Ball. Bounce or whack on a hard  surface to activate the colored flashing lights inside this 2 1/2″ diameter malleable, spiky ball. The soft spikes provide sensory input that many children and adults find calming.


Number three is the ultra smooth, soft, flexible, thermoplastic, elastomer Light Up DNA BallFilled with soft, translucent mini spheres in assorted bright pastels and a LED ball that lights up when squeezed, the Light Up DNA Ball is easier to squeeze than its firmer counterpart, Light Up Molecule Play. Squeezing strengthens finger muscles, improves flexibility, and relieves stress.


Runner-up to the coveted first place position is a miniature spinning light show on a break-away cord. Mini Meteor Storm hums softly and gently vibrates while spinning. Press and hold on/off switch keeps child engaged. Measures 4″ tall. Worn as a necklace, Mini Meteor Storm provides instant distraction on demand.


At the top of light up toys is Meteor Storm. A spinning ring of 10 lights creates ever-changing, multi-colored light patterns inside a clear globe. Steady hum and gentle vibration add auditory and tactile input for a multi-sensory experience. Touch and hold on/off button teaches cause and effect and keeps child engaged. Measures 8″ tall. Meteor Storm is the ultimate distraction toy and a consistent motivator. Teachers of the visually impaired report students so eager to earn play time with a Meteor Storm that they readily “get down to business” and complete their assignments promptly. And, of course, Meteor Storm is a great antidote to a grey day or a dark night.


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Child Appeal

Meteor Storm
Meteor Storm

Child appeal is the key to success in choosing toys for any child. Toys that do not appeal to a child neither entertain nor educate. Beyond that, choosing toys appropriate to the developmental and chronological ages of the child is important. Successful play results from having toys that provide appropriate challenges. When a child finds pleasure in an activity he will continue to play, enhancing skills as he entertains himself.

When developmental and chronological ages differ, finding an appealing toy becomes more difficult to be sure. Consider the interests and the abilities of the child and search out toys that reflect these individual preferences, strengths, and needs. What does the child like to do? What does he do well? What skills does he need to learn or enhance? What toys will entice him to work towards that goal?

A child who absolutely adores a special toy will be more willing to work on a task he dislikes, but needs to practice, if he knows he’ll get to play with his favorite toy once he’s finished. Many professionals and parents find Meteor Storm fits this description.

Talk about child appeal. Ten sets of lights spin, changing colors and patterns, inside a clear globe. Meteor Storm hums softly and gently vibrates, making this toy particularly appealing to the blind and those with low vision. Touch and hold on/off button keeps child engaged, making Meteor Storm ideal as a distraction toy for calming distressed children.

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