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Great Light Up Toys Not in the Top 7

The problem with any top 7 list is what gets left off. With light up toys that includes ones that deserve careful consideration. Although their appeal is not as broad, what they do, they do well.

Consider these four light up toys for the delight they elicit and the skills they develop.

White Lightning Stick

Lightweight and safe, this 1 1/2″ diameter by 15 1/2″ long foam tube produces six different light effects: rainbow strobing and morphing, steady on, and red, blue, and green strobing. To move from one light display to the next, press the small button on the end of the tube. When you reach the sixth, you’ve seen ‘em all. Easy to grasp and wave, it encourages gross motor activity. Think Simon Says. Wave White Lightning Stick up and down, side to side, in circles, over your head, behind your back. Add music, and get your groove on. Develops motor skills, visual tracking, sequencing, memory, and recall.



Light Up Slinky 

Red and blue blinking lights and assorted translucent colors: green, red, and purple, add visual stimulation to a perennial favorite. Watch a continuously changing light show as you manipulate this 3 3/4″ diameter plastic Slinky. Turn on and off by pressing the button on light module. Does not turn off automatically. Encourages hand to hand transfer and visual tracking.


Finger Lightz

Fit-on-your-fingers lights. Simply slide the switch forward to turn on the LED, then light up the night. Wiggle your fingers, wave your arms, and dance around. Add music and let your imagination soar.  Develops bi-lateral coordination, fine and gross motor, and visual tracking skills. Encourages movement and creativity.


Light Up Magnetic Gyro Wheel

This variation on Light Up Whirly Wheel, one of our Top 7 Light Up Toys, allows us to experience centrifugal force first hand as we tip Magnetic Gyro Wheel up and down by its handle to make the wheel spin around the ring. Spinning creates the rainbow light effect; the faster the wheel spins, the brighter the light display. High quality magnets keep the wheel spinning smoothly. Drop the wheel onto the floor and watch the top spin and spin and spin. Develops fine motor skills, wrist rotation, and visual tracking. Measures 8″ long.


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