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Ways to Become A More Creative Adult

Like children, adults function best when we’re being creative. Question is, how can we become more creative? I’m thinking the answer lies in learning to play more. By that I mean giving ourselves permission to become so engrossed in a pleasurable activity that we lose track of time. We relax and regenerate. We’re then able to pick up where we left off with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Think about how seldom we do that. We have responsibilities and seemingly endless demands on our time. And yet how well we meet those obligations depends on state of well-being. When we’re exhausted and frazzled – at our wit’s end – we’re hard pressed to accomplish anything.

Call a time-out. Head for the door. Take a walk. Pay attention to the surroundings. The physical activity reduces stress and stimulates the mind. The change of scenery changes our focus and inspires new ways of thinking. Returning relaxed, we’re more productive, better able to deal with the tasks at hand.

Beyond time-outs, we need time off. Time to breathe deeply and sigh away tension. To feel ourselves unwind. To relax deeply.

Consider setting aside blocks of time for play, whether alone or with others whose company brings pleasure. Curl up with a book. Pursue a hobby for the pure pleasure the activity provides.

Play is about having fun, about creating for ourselves a sense of well-being. Worrying about outcomes denies us the restorative benefits of play.

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